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Tons of uniquely effective tools designed to boost your Real Estate business.

Features Overview

Below is a snap shot of several key features that you and your clients will love.  Continue to scroll down for a full listing of all features.

Acquire Real Leads

  • Proven delayed lead capture method
  • Email marketing campaigns built for lead generation
  • Simple easy-to-use client management tools
  • Built from ground up with SEO optimization focus
  • Create specific targeted property search pages
  • Onsite instant messaging system-Built in!
  • Track leads onsite behavior

Build your business 24/7

  • Build your own personal brand and business that you take with you if you switch brokerages
  • Customizable drip email campaigns
  • Real estate listings updated automatically
  • Automatic smart hotsheet creation based on users click history
  • Get instant email or text notifications for new leads, showing requests, and CMA requests 
  • Prospects have access to search homes, land, commercial and business listings
  • Identifies new listings, price changes and sends your leads a personal update email from Agent-making you look like a superstar

Feature-Rich Websites

  • Unlimited easy-to-create custom pages
  • 100% Responsive designs: compatible with all devices
  • Integrated IDX with map search- not wire or i-framed
  • Robust lead management software
  • Fresh, clean real estate specific designs
  • Built in blog system with blog library
  • SEO friendly and supports google analytics
  • Instantly alerts you for requests: showings, leads, CMA
  • Easy to add videos, pictures, custom content
  • Auto Mortgage calculator specific for each property
  •  Easy share social networking buttons on property pages
  •  Add unlimited Testimonials on homepage
  •  Image library comes standard

Integrated IDX/MLS Search

  • Accurate advanced search features directly tied with MLS
  • Updated from the MLS automatically
  • Quick home search tool
  • Interactive Map Search
  • Automatic new listing updates
  • Totally integrated - not framed in
  • Satellite imaging and street view maps!
  • User can save favorites, rank properties and add notes
  • Automatic status and price change updates on saved homes
  • Custom property search landing pages, community pages etc.
  • Specific school rankings and reviews access
  • Property details including days on market, last price change and price per square foot
  •  Nearby properties search option

Lead Management CRM

  • Create custom and mass email campaigns
  • Automatically sends price changes and new listing emails
  • View leads click, saved property and email activity
  • Create notes, tasks, reminders specific to each lead
  • Transaction coordinating system provides at a glance transaction information
  • Receive lead capture notifications via text or email message
  • Receive instant CMA and showing alerts

Capture Seller Leads

  • Seller landing pages with two part lead capture system
  • Social network friendly
  • "How much is your home worth?" banners on each property page
  • Easily export captured names and addresses for mailing lists
  • Scripts- email, voicemail, conversations
  • Automatic responders to leads
  • Create custom Seller drip campaigns
  •  Create custom webpages geared specifically toward Sellers
  •  Automatic new listing updates for Sellers neighborhood

"RealAgentWebsites.com gives you the best value for your dollar.  New features are continually added so you can take advantage of the latest technology at no additional charge."

Full Featured 

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Website Functionality

Edit Your Website

With the look and feel of editing a word document, your editing tools, located right on your browser, makes changes simple.

Social Sharing Tools

In today's market, using social networks will definitely be a part of your business strategy.  Facebook, pinterest, twitter, google plus and other icons make it convenient for your site visitors to share a page on your site with their friends.

Add Unlimited Custom Pages

Impress both your visitors and the search engines by effortlessly adding custom pages with featured files, pictures, graphics, videos, property searches, links, blog entries and more to your website.

Website and Hosting

We handle the hosting and secure your website. You can buy or use your existing domain name or we can purchase one for you, at no additional charge, if you prefer.

Customizable Designs

Each website is professionally designed, easily customizable, centered around what your clients want and geared toward lead acquisition.  The positive reflection a simple-to-use design has on visitors plays a large part, not only in repeat visits, but more importantly in your ability to transition leads into clients.  

Robust Home Valuation Lead Capture Tool

Seller leads can be tough to land which is why you'll love the home value tool.  Throw a wide net with Seller landing pages and watch how the psychology behind the incredible seller lead capture tool hooks and lands sellers!

Responsive Design

With 92% of home buyers now going online to look for their new home and over half using mobile and tablet technology, you'll appreciate that realagentwebsites.com has you covered. Whether your visitor uses a desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet- they will love how the responsive design is friendly to all screen sizes without cutting any of the necessary content.

Fully-Integrated IDX/MLS Search

IDX is what allows your visitors to search the MLS from your website.

Many agent website providors have the MLS IDX search wrapped or framed onto their site from their local MLS's website.

This means it's not really on their site- so all those searches their visitors make do not help their site move up in the search engines! 

RealAgentWebsites.com has invested in fully integrating the IDX search onto YOUR site, giving your sites SEO leaps and bounds over the competition.

Super Fast Results

Speed of information has never been more important to internet users.  Your website will utilize the latest in technology to ensure you never lose a lead due to a slow search query.

Integrated Blog

Blogging is a great way to establish credibility and become the expert in the eyes of your leads and visitors.  With the blog built right into your website you'll offer a better user experience and show up better in the search engines which will ulitimately lead to more traffic, more leads, and more closings. 

School Reports Access

RealAgentWebsites.com has linked with greatschools.org to give your site visitors access to school rankings, reports and reviews by those within the community they're looking at.

Automatically Updated Listings

The MLS is queried every hour of every day ensuring the latest and most updated information is automatically available to your leads and site visitors. You don't have to worry about uploading new listing data or making sure the information is current, we'll handle it.

Loaded Listings Pages

Everything has been designed to increase lead capture- the listing page is no exception. Leads can see loads of information on each property they select.  This information has been formatted to flow nicely and to be easy to look at, making your site the prefered go-to source to look for homes.  Easy push button options to request a showing or request more information make for easy interaction between prospect and agent.

Simple Site Customization

Easily customize your site to it's own unique perfectness using simple-to-use tools. Easily change website design with different color options.  Change font colors and add, change, and upload pictures and content to your hearts content. Along with the ability add customized images and video you'll have access to a large image library. 

Search Engine Optimized

Every website has been built from the ground up with SEO in mind.  From the coding used to the easy access to SEO details like metatags, keywords, title tags, meta description etc. to the integrated blog and IDX-   everything is geared toward what will help your site rank well. For detailed instructions on how to maximize the SEO capabilities of your site, be sure to take advantage the SEO resources and videos under Support.

Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics is a valuable tool in your websites arsenal because it reports the statistics of your websites activity.  Every RealAgent website is compatible with google analytics allowing you free access to see exactly how and where your site is being used. This information is priceless as you manage your site and create advertising campaigns to be able to maximize your ad spend dollars and time.

Video Capability

Video is all the rage. Every design has the functionality for you to add a video virtually anywhere on your site. If it's on youtube you can put it on your site without entering or copying and pasting a single code!  It has never been easier to upload great video.

Property Map Search

Your leads can search for properties by map selection, MLS #, address, city, zip, neighborhood, etc and they can easily access the map feature to get a birds eye view of their new home!  This feature also comes with a satellite map and street view of their selected home at no additional expense to you.

Cutting Edge Reliability and Functionality

No plugins here!  Every design has been hard coded to allow all the features and tools to be integrated directly into your website.  This aids in a better page ranking on search engines, better functionality, userability and far greater reliability to your site.

No Contracts or Upsells

Realagentwebsites.com will never hold a key feature hostage to get more money from you.  With us, you get every feature, right as it's rolled out, included in your monthly subscription.  Additionally, we're so sure you'll love your experience that we see no need to lock you into a contract.  If you're not happy, you can cancel at any time.  

Capturing Real Leads

Manage Leads

Your site wil notify you immediately upon capturing a new lead, triggers a customizable email automatically sent to your new lead from you. Once captured it's simple to build a relationship using the lead management features. From onsite messaging to automatically generated new listings sent, drip email campaigns and status updates, you will cultivate business without even lifting a finger.

Add Tasks and Reminders

Easily add notes, tasks and reminders to keep your leads and clients moving through the transaction. This feature is so simple in design and useability and so rich in functionality it will become one of your key tools in keeping everything organized and moving along.

Custom Drip Email Marketing Campaigns

Set it and forget it has never been so true with RAW's drip email tool. Set up as many as you want- there's no limit. Maybe you want to send an email when your leads view their 10th home and then again on their 20th home. Maybe you want to send pertinent spring cleaning info to every email in your database in March- whatever the criteria, setting up an effective drip email campaign will be no problem.

Track Leads Click Activity

Real Agent sites track and report to you what your registered leads are looking at. See what homes they've clicked on, ranked, favorited and the notes they've created for each property. You'll look like a mind reader when you use this insider information to transition your lead into a client by showing them more of exactly what they're looking for.

Easily Customize Forms

Add just about any type of content you want, from text to html and page specific Lead capture forms.

Photo Galleries and Slide Shows

Easily upload photos and create galleries and slide shows to customize your website. Our websites are quite customizable. You're free to change any of the logos, photos on your site anytime. You can also create an unlimited number of custom web pages, search landing pages, property search pages and blog entries.

Instand Alerts - Showings, Leads, CMA Requests

Get information quickly. This feature notifies you immediately (by text, email or both) with any request coming from your website.

Hot Sheet Based Daily Emails

Leads will get new listings sent to them daily matching the search criteria from their filled out hotsheet. If you or they haven't filled out a hotsheet, that's not a problem. Every site is developed with a unique smart filter generating an automated hotsheet for every lead based on the criteria of previous homes they have viewed.

Built In Onsite Instant Messaging

Communicate immediately with your site visitors and leads. Messages typed into the site will be automatically logged and instantly communicated to you. Giving your prospects an impression of responsiveness and first class service.

Click Controlled Lead Capture

Increase your lead capture by showing your visitor exactly what they are going to get with a selected number of "free" property views before asking for their contact information. You control how many properties they can view before they are asked to register.

Lead Management

Strong Lead Management System With Smart Filter

Realagentwebsites.com's industry best CRM is designed to both make you look good and make you money! The smart filter shows the customer what they want to see without you being there to manage it. This technology allows you the leverage to expand your business!

Track Leads by Ad Source

Get best results out of your ad dollars. Your registration page will ask your visitors how they found your website allowing you to finetune your advertising campaign.

Send Mass Campaign Emails

RAW's Lead management tool is designed to make your life easier. Sending custom mass emails to everyone in your database, or a select group, is as simple as pushing a few buttons and writing the message! You can select triggers to send emails such as number of properties viewed, number of days inactive, number of properties saved etc. It's so easy!

Send Automatic Price Change Emails

Look like a rock star to your leads. Not only will your leads receive a daily email of new listings matching their criteria but they will also get an email every time the price is changed on one of the homes in their favorites list. This feature also includes any status changes including off the market, under contract, and expired listing.

Create Notes/Tasks/Reminders

RAW's customer management system (CMS) is designed to help you stay in front of your lead by allowing you to create tasks and reminders. The platform is simple to read allowing you to easily keep track of what you've planned for each lead. You can also add notes to a property that your lead can read and respond to when they next come to your site.

Receive Text and/or Emails for Showing Requests

You will immediately be notified when a lead or site visitor requests a property showing, allowing you to quickly and efficiently respond while the iron is hot.

Transaction Coordinating/Tracking System

Every Realagent site helps you keep everything straight by including a transaction coordination system which allows you to track each clients progress through the home selling or home buying process.

Lead Distributing System

For Brokers or Sales Teams: Easily distribute leads using round robin, first in first out, etc methods. Also, easy to manually assign leads to select agents.

Integrated IDX/Search Technology

Quick Search Queries

The homepage on every design features a quick search function allowing site visitors to input the lowest possible criteria to pull up properties and get them using the site. Visitors have the option, at any time, to increase their search criteria so they can narrow down the properties they are looking at.

Street View Maps via Satellite Imaging

When your lead selects a property, they will not only get the property details and a map of the property and neighborhood, but they will also get satellite imaging of the home as if they were standing out front! They will be able to turn and move their view to other angles of the house and neighborhood using their mouse or by simply moving their phone or mobile device-it's rad!

Saved Search Pages

Speaking of fresh, relevant content, these pages are awesome for SEO! Create special pages that show listing results for each area that you cover. Or one for each price range. Or both. Easy to draw selection tool on the backend to really focus in on your niche targets. Customize the title, the content, and the meta tags etc.

Interactive Map Search

Your visitors and leads can bypass the quick search querie and simply browse around any area on the map feature to bring up all properties for sale in the selected area. Even mobile friendly!

Includes All Listings - From All Brokers/Companies

The RAW IDX feed includes every approved single family, multi family, raw land, and commercial property on your MLS. If the property has been uploaded onto the MLS, it will show up on your site!

Save, Rank and Add Notes to Favorite Properties

Registered Leads have the ability to save their favorite properties. They can rank them, add notes of information they want to remember about the property, and access those properties the next time they visit your site. All your lead needs to do is type their email address in to enter their own portal on your site.

100% Totally Integrated MLS Pages

RAW has invested in integrating the MLS into your website. This means there are no framing or wraps giving the impression it's part of your website when it really isn't. This is a big deal because the user experiece is far superior and the search engines will now give your site credit for every homes listing information and details listed on your website!

Generate Seller Leads

Infinite Seller Landing Pages

Easily create a landing page for every community, neighborhood, and city you do business in. The more specific the better. If a potential client searches the web to find out what their home is worth in a neighborhood you've created a landing page for- chances are VERY good they'll find your page and then your website!

Hard and Soft Home Valuation Lead Capture Tool

Your website will turn a lead into a client by giving them a soft valuation of their homes worth based on what's for sale around them with an invitation to get a detailed valuation by agreeing to be contacted by you. Even a soft valuation captures their address for future mailing campaigns.

Targeted Domain Forward Capability

You have the ability to purchase multiple specific targeted domains and forward directly to your custom created page giving precise information that searchers are looking for.

Export Lead Data for Mail Marketing

Many of your seller leads will be selling in the next 6 months to a year or so you may want to keep in touch with mailers. No problem! It's simple to export your leads name and address into a list for mail campaigns

Scripts - Text, Email, Voicemail and Conversations

Get great ideas found in our Real Tips library for texts, emails and voicemail that lead to conversations and emails that warm up a cold lead in our section.

How-To Video Training

As always, RAW is focused on making sure you know how to drive your sleek website.  You will have access to FAQ on each page and access to short, concise, how-to videos including aspects of capturing seller leads- all at your convenience.

Automatic Responders to Leads

Similar to buyer leads, you will be contacted by email and/or text immediately upon aquiring a new lead.

Customizable Seller Landing Pages

You can easily customize your landing pages- add pictures, videos, specific content, logos, links etc. 

All Leads Tracked and Captured in Dashboard

All your seller leads are captured in your dashboard and labeled, just like your buyer leads. You can manage, communicate with and follow seller leads activity just as easily as with your buyer leads.

SEO - Search Engine Optimized

Site is Optimized for Search Engines

Realagentwebsites.com is built on code that is very search engine friendly. From the beginning of developement the focus has been SEO.

Integrated Site Blog

An integrated site blog makes all of its content indexable to the search engines. By utilizing an active integrated blog, your websites page ranking will be optimized. Access to a blog library to help mke sure your site always has the "lights on."

Shows Traffic/Activity Reports, Supports Google Analytics

Our easy to navigate dashboard displays snapshots of site activity. Our sites are also fully compatible with Google Analytics. This readily available information will help you maximize your advertising budget and content building efforts.

Saved Search Pages

Your custom saved property search pages are attached to your site allowing the search engines to crawl a limitless number of pages affiliated with your site. This will have a great impact on your site and reflect in its ranking.

Social Network Compatible 

Social Networking is a major part of our world today and has a long reach into our business world. Our sites are built to take advantage of the social power.  Linking your site to your own social pages, and making it easy for others to share your sites information, will show the search engines you're a big hitter and will help drive social traffic to your site.

Unlimited Custom Pages

Custom pages are easy to add and search engines respond favorably to custom pages with unique relevant content.

Customizable Page and Meta Tag Descriptions

Simple to add page descriptions and metatag descriptions for each page. Search engines love to see them and it will help encourage leads to click on your page.

Easily Add Video

Videos added to your site from youtube and vimeo play a large part of optimizing your website. Search engines love video. Realagentwebsites.com has a simplified process of adding custom video from Youtube or Vimeo to your website with just a few simple clicks.

Working For You Day and Night

Build Agent Value, Trust and Respect

Nothing creates trust and respect like an awesome looking website that does so much more than just look good. Site visitors will immediately be impressed by the beautiful design and depth of features to your website. Whether you're sleeping, out working, or spending time with family, your website is always on the job- adding value, support and trust to your brand!

Provide Valuable and Accurate Market Information

Leads and Clients can get accurate market information and updates any time of day or night through your site. This all happens completely independent of you answering your phone.

Real Time On-Site Communication

RAW's cutting edge onsite instant message system will create value and send first class customer service messages. This is a custom built system and not a plug in or 3rd party quirky service. This non threatening mode of communication also logs conversations for future reference.

Drip Email Campaigns

RAW's drip email campaign feature is super simple to use. Create as many campaigns as you prefer, designate the trigger mechanism and move on to your next item of business.

Social Network Sharing Features

People like to share what they're excited about. RAW makes it easy for them with social networking icons on your blog and property pages.

Auto Respond Email/Text Messaging

RAW sites are designed to strike while the iron is hot, independent of whether you're right there or out working with a client. As soon as a new lead registers, an automatic email or text is sent welcoming them to your site.

Automatic New Listings and Price Change Emails Sent Out Daily

Every day your website will search the MLS for new listings matching the leads home criteria. It will also review all the homes in the leads favorites list and look for changes in price, or status. All this information will be sent to your lead in one branded email with easy to acess links that will take them right to the home they're interested in looking at. This helps make your site super sticky!


Full Access Video Library

Everything you need to know about managing your site can be found in the Knowledge Base. The focus is to give you the skills to run your site in the most concise and straightforward manner possible. You can be confident you'll get exactly the information you want without wasting valuable time when you visit the Knowledge Base library.

Glossary of Terms

Learning the internet vocabulary can feel as daunting as learning a new language. For this reason, RAW has included a Glossary of Terms in our support section with dozens of defined terms. If you find yourself confused, be sure to check out the glossary of terms so we can set you on the right foot!

Live Chat Support

log into your account and look at the bottom right hand corner of the site for our live online support feature where you can get answers to your questions without picking up the phone.

Unlimited Support

our goal is to provide you with an amazing product at an amazing price. We want to be your long term partner in tackling the internet side of your business. For this reason, we are available any time. You're welcome to reach out live from your website, by email or by phone. We're here to help you succeed!

Live/Recorded Webcasts and Trainings

Check us out on Facebook to see the training schedule. Website trainings will be recorded and saved in the RAW video library

Email/Webmail Support

Reach out by email with any and all your questions and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

All site features added in the future will be included at no additional cost.

At RealAgentWebsites.com you will never be nickled and dimed!

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